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Bet365 Review

✅ Products: Sports, Live Casino, Casino Games, Virtual Sports, TV Games, Bingo
✅ Transaction Methods: PayPal, Entropay, EcoPayz, Neteller, Skrill, AstroPay Card, Visa, Mastercard
✅ Compatible Devices: Smartphones, Tablets, and PCs

50% up to ₹7,000
15% up to ₹4,265

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Bodog Review

✅ Products: Sports, Live Casino, Casino Games, Virtual Sports, TV Games, Bingo
✅ Transaction Methods: PayPal, Entropay, EcoPayz, Neteller, Skrill, AstroPay Card, Visa, Mastercard
✅ Compatible Devices: Smartphones, Tablets, and PCs

Unibet Review

✅ Welcome bonus of 100% up to ₹10,000
✅ Banking Options: PayPal, Mastercard, Bank Transfer, Skrill, Paysafecard, Visa, Visa Electronic, Interac, and more.
✅ Products: Sports, Casino, Live Casino, Games, Bingo and Poker

Royal Panda Review

✅ Welcome bonus of 100% up to ₹10,000
✅ Banking Options: PayPal, Mastercard, Bank Transfer, Skrill, Paysafecard, Visa, Visa Electronic, Interac, and more.
✅ Products: Sports, Casino, Live Casino, Games, Bingo and Poker

Betwinner India Review & Bonuses

✅ Welcome bonus of 100% up to ₹8,000
✅ Banking Options: PayPal, Mastercard, Bank Transfer, Skrill, Paysafecard, Visa, Visa Electronic, Crypto and more.
✅Sports Betting, Live Betting, Toto Betting, Casino, Live Casino, Poker, Bingo, Lottery, Cockfighting, and much more!

Come On Review & Bonuses

✅ Welcome bonus of 100% up to ₹2,500
✅ Banking Options: PayPal, Mastercard, Bank Transfer, Skrill, Paysafecard, Visa, Visa Electronic, and more.
✅ Products: Sports betting, Live Betting, Online Casino, Live Casino

Dafabet Review

✅ Products: Sports and Casino Games
✅ Payment Options: E-wallets, Debit/Credit cards, Bank Wire Transfer and WebMoney
✅ Language: Multi-lingual
✅ Compatible Devices: Smartphones, Tablets, and PCs

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Betting in India

Online gambling is increasingly becoming popular in India, with more and more players signing up on gambling sites every day. But how do you get started? 

In this guide, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about how betting works in India. We’ll be discussing the different sports covered by sports betting sites that cater to the Indian market, bonus offers, payment methods accepted, and legal gambling in India. 

Cricket Betting 

There is no doubt that cricket is the most popular sport in India. Every Indian is always looking forward to that Indian cricket match, whether it is the Indian national cricket team or the Indian Premier League (IPL). 

Watching cricket with friends or family is always fun, but there’s nothing as exciting as wagering on your favorite team. There is nothing as immersing as watching your favorite cricket team play and winning some cash at the same time. 

In today’s technologically advanced world, nearly everyone has a smartphone, and betting sites have taken advantage of this by unveiling mobile apps that allow players to bet on the go. 

If you are looking to get started with online cricket betting, then this is the right post for you. We’ll provide you with everything you need so that you can have the best betting experience. 

Betting On the Indian Premier League (IPL)

When speaking about cricket in India, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the Indian Premier League. The IPL is the largest cricket tournament with millions of viewers around the globe. 

But there is nowhere the league is as important as it is in India. The whole country usually comes to a standstill whenever an IPL match is playing; nearly everyone is fixated on the TV. 

The fact that cricket fans can now bet on the IPL makes the sport even more exciting. This gives the fans the chance to be part of the game and takes the excitement to a whole new level. 

Horse Race Betting 

Horse racing is another popular sport in India. It’s the second most popular sport in the country. Indians have been betting on horse racing for years, and it’s actually part of their culture.

Horse racing is one of the most intense, adrenaline-filled sport, so you can imagine what betting on the sport would feel like. To become successful in horse race betting, you must have excellent analytical skills and commitment. You have to do your research about the different horses that will be participating in the race before placing your bet. 

You also need to choose a good site before you can start betting in India. Most importantly, your ideal site should offer live streaming so that you watch all the races live from the comfort of your home. 

Football Betting 

Football might be as popular as cricket and horse racing in India, it is the most popular sport in the globe, so it is only natural that many Indians love the sport. Actually, football is that sport we all enjoy watching rather than playing. Perhaps this explains why the Indian national soccer team has won any major tournament.

However, football is still a popular sport among Indians, particularly the Shillong Premier League, English Premier League, and UEFA Champions League. Luckily, most betting sites in India cover football betting. Getting started on football betting is pretty easy, as the rules are quite simple.

Before you choose any betting site, make sure they accept Indian players. Also, the betting site should offer live betting and live streaming. These aspects are particularly important in ensuring you have the most exciting betting experience.

Bonus Offer 

Now that you know the most popular sports in India and you have chosen a betting site that suits you, the next step is to register an account so you can start betting in India. As an added advantage, you should consider choosing a betting site that offers a Welcome Bonus when you sign up. 

For example, Royal Panda offers a welcome bonus that matches your deposit amount. This means if you deposit ₹1,000, you get another ₹1,000 in bonus money. So, you will have a total amount of ₹2,000 to bet with. If you deposit ₹5,000, you get an extra ₹5,000, which amounts to $10,000. 

With such a lucrative welcome bonus, you can bet on as many games as possible, thus increasing your chances of winning. 

Free Bets

Free bets is a type of bonus offered by some betting sites in India. As the name suggests, this bonus allows you to bet without using any money. It offers a risk-free way of making money through betting. In most cases, free bets are offered as part of a welcome bonus. 

A good example is Unibet, which offers free bets up to ₹2,500 when you sign up. This means you can bet up to ₹2,500 free of charge. With this bonus, you don’t risk your hard-earned money. If you win, you walk away with the money, and if you lose, then you’ll have actually lost nothing. 

Most betting sites offer free bets regularly. Betway is one such example. They offer free bets every week for customers who take part in their Free Bet Club promotion. The fact that you can land free bets every week is something that any sports betting enthusiast would love to take advantage of. 

The question you’re probably asking yourself right now is how free bets work. For example, let’s consider a betting site offers a free bet worth ₹1,000, and you use the free bet money to bet on Chennai Super Kings to beat Sunrisers Hyderabad in the IPL at 1.20 odds.

While placing the bet, you will see bet slip appear on your screen, and you’ll be presented with the option to either bet with your own money or the free bet money. So, in this case, you will choose a free bet. Place the bet, and no money will be deducted from your own money. 

If Chennai wins the match, your winnings will be ₹1,200. However, because your stake was ₹1,000 and the odds were 1.2, your winnings will be ₹200 because the ₹1,000 was not your money. So, that’s how free bet works.

If you would like to bet regularly using free bets, you should consider registering an account with Betway. 

Deposit Methods Accepted By Online Betting Sites in India

After creating your betting account, the next step is to deposit money so that you can start betting on sports and wagering on online casino games. There are many ways to deposit money into your betting account, but the most convenient and safest way is by using an electronic wallet (e-wallet). Most Indian online betting sites also accept this deposit method.

Here are the steps you need to follow to deposit money into your betting account:

  1. Sign up an account at either Skrill or Neteller
  2. Deposit funds into your e-wallet account using ICIC Bank or Federal Bank
  3. Now transfer the funds from the e-wallet into your betting site account and start betting in India.

That’s all! This is the easiest way to get money into your betting account. However, this might not work in all cases. For example, you may not have a bank account. The good thing is that there are many other payment methods you can use. The best option for bettors who don’t have a bank account is a prepaid card. 

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Get a Neosurf card or AstroPay card from a retailer online 
  2. Use either mobile money, local bank transfer or cash to pay for your new card 
  3. Deposit money into your betting account using the prepaid card and start betting in India. 

These are the most common deposit methods accepted by betting sites in India. Many betting sites have other ways of depositing money into your account. Some sites accept local bank transfers, most accept credit & debit cards, while others accept mobile money.

However, the most popular payment method is e-wallet, mainly because it is secure, fast, and protects your identity. The most popular e-wallets are Skrill and Neteller, but many betting sites around the world also accept PayPal. 

Skrill and Neteller are mostly used by betting sites because they are easy to use and have a low transaction fee. The two online payment service providers are subsidiaries of Paysafe Group, which means you are dealing with a reliable and trustworthy company. 

Although some people want to start betting in India may want prefer PayPal to deposit funds into their account, unfortunately, not all betting sites accept this payment method. So, you may want to check with your preferred betting site to see if they accept PayPal. 

If you experience any issues with depositing money into your betting account, you can contact the betting site in question. 

Which Betting Site In India Offers The Best Deposit Methods?

One of the most common questions people ask is which betting sites offer the easiest and most convenient ways to deposit money into their accounts. Many local banks in India will not allow customers to make direct bank transfers from their bank accounts to betting sites overseas. For this reason, you must choose a payment method that allows you to deposit funds into your account using a payment method that suits you.

The good news is that many betting sites understand the problems faced by players in India. As such, they have been able to come up with solutions that could help players who want to bet in India. 

For example, 22Bet has one of the highest numbers of payment methods that you can use to get money into your betting account. The betting site has about 100 different payment methods.

Some of the payment methods accepted by 22Bet include direct bank transfers, credit card, Neteller, Skrill, prepaid cards, and more. The best payment solution here is the prepaid card as it is something anyone can do and it is much easier for any Indian player to get a prepaid card

How to Get a Prepaid Card in India

Although there are many types of prepaid cards in India, the two most popular to use when betting in India are Neosurf card an AstroPay card. With these two cards, you can deposit money into any betting site that has listed them as one of their payment methods.

Examples of betting sites that accept these prepaid cards include:

Royal Panda – Accepts AstroPay card

22Bet – Accepts AstroPay card and Neosurf card

More betting sites in India are expected to start using the two prepaid cards in the near future. For now, you only have to do with sites that accept them.

It is also easy to obtain both cards. You can buy through from a retailer online and pay using either bank transfer, card, or mobile money. Once you have made the payment, you will receive a digital card, and you can use the card to deposit money into your betting account. If you can’t use an e-wallet or the other payment methods for one reason or another, you can get a prepaid card. 

How to Withdraw Money from a Betting Site in India 

Withdrawing funds from a betting site might seem like a challenging task. The best betting sites make it easy to withdraw money from your betting account. 

If you are experiencing issues with withdrawing money, then it is probably not a reliable betting site. Also, the withdrawal procedure should be straightforward and transparent. 

Most betting sites will require you to make a withdrawal request. The request will then be handled within 24 hours. The waiting period may seem a bit longer and unnecessary, but it is a security measure to prevent money laundering and fraud. 

Most betting sites in India offer two options for withdrawing money. These include bank transfer and credit & debit card. If these two don’t work, you can use an e-wallet such as Skrill, Neteller, or PayPal. Some gambling sites will allow you to withdraw funds to a prepaid card such as Neosurf card or AstroPay card if you have one. 

Before you deposit money to any betting site and start betting in India, make sure they have a transparent withdrawal process. If you are not comfortable with the withdrawal process, try another betting site.